Kai is more than just a mobile communication platform. With Kai connected, you are empowered to respond immediately to the needs of your customers and employees.
— John Acres

Kai can tailor service to your customers through mobile technology and data-driven incentives by listening to your existing casino operations. Kai connects your employees and supervisors to important protected data through the use of mobile devices carried property-wide.  Staff can be reached immediatelty and tasks are automated utilizing patented Acres algorithms.  Kai can communicate your guests' needs to the right department or individual in an instant, and even communicate with your guests directly to their mobile device.



Installation of Kai is simplified using a method we call Kai Universal Interface, and support and installation could not be simpler for your IT department. Kai communicates with nearly every existing casino system.

Slot system manufacturers have spent decades playing hide and seek with the casinos data. We have spent years unraveling this tangled skein to provide a consistent interface to all the major slot systems (and many of the minor ones). We call this the Universal Kai Interface and it would be difficult to overstate it’s importance to us and our casino customers.
— MARK DAILEY, VP of Engineering


Kai is backed by the Acres support team, who are available to assist your team through any challenges you face or configuration changes that you may need.  Support tickets are used to track each case, and we have a 24 hour hotline for the pressing matters that just can’t wait.

When you open a support ticket with Acres, you get an answer from someone who knows the product front to back. Our first level of support includes our System Administrator: me. Almost every time, the first person you contact can solve your issue. In fact, we generally know when there is an issue before the users do.
— SHAUN BISIAUX, Technical Support Director
For any non-emergency Kai support needs, simply e-mail:  helpdesk@acres4.com
To learn more about Kai support for existing customers, read more at www.Help.Acres4.com