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He’s never late. He never gets sick. And he never goes on break.
Meet the future of casino operations. Meet Kai.



Kai helps you keep your players happy while your slots team runs at maximum efficiency, lowering your costs and time to respond. Think of Kai as a virtual employee, who is on the job 24/7/365. Kai eliminates the need for a human dispatcher and replaces handheld radios.

When Kai detects a problem, it is instantly sent to the most qualified, available person on the floor. Kai even provides the player’s name, making courteous personal greetings the rule rather than the exception.

Kai knows…

  • Jackpots
  • Bill jams
  • Ticket paper fills
  • Customer service requests
  • Game failures
    And much more…

Kai for Casino Execs



Kai makes happier players by significantly lowering wait times for hand pay jackpots and ticket jams, minimizing downtime, which keeps your players playing.

Click here for more information on the benefits of hiring Kai.

Kai for Slot Floor Managers

Slot Floor


Kai helps you understand and monitor what your team is doing – right to the moment – and lets you supervise when you are needed. He tracks performance for each team member and configures call priorities by events, player spend levels, and much more.

Kai for Casino Regulators



Kai creates digital MEAL entries and provides secure access to reliable data, which simplifies and streamlines audit procedures.

Kai for IT Directors



Kai uses read-only access to your slot system and existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to deliver secure messages to employees on their handheld device.

Click here to learn more about Kai’s IT infrastructure.

Ready to Interview Kai?

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