Casinos face a difficult reality: Only 10% of adults enjoy casino gambling. Back when casinos were few, that was plenty. Today, casinos are everywhere. There aren’t enough players to go around. Casinos are downsizing. Going bankrupt. Closing. 

To grow again, casinos must appeal to the 90% that don’t find gambling interesting. A challenge that requires new processes and new systems.

I've worked with casinos for over forty years. I invented player tracking, electronic loyalty and bonusing. But I invented those systems a quarter-century ago, when casinos were few. That world is gone. Today’s players want more. Expect more. Demand more. 

Your systems—the systems I invented—cannot keep pace. So I started over, finding inspiration in Kaizen, a Japanese manufacturing process of continuous improvement through observation, analysis and adaptation. I assembled a development team and invested tens of millions of dollars. We spent years visiting casinos, shadowing staffers and learning player behavior. 

The result is Kai, a revolutionary system that combines artificial intelligence and mobile technology with Kaizen. Kai observes player behaviors and intervenes when dissatisfaction strikes. Players play longer and return more often. New visitors become regular players. They invite friends who become players too. Revenues increase. Operating costs go down. Profits improve.

Kai is easy to install and requires no change to existing systems. Although Kai was born on the casino floor, it's now expanding to serve other areas: Marketing. Housekeeping. Front desk. Retail. Food and Beverage. And more.

Kai can help your casino grow again. No other system can say that. Let's talk.








Commercial Casino Sales: Noah Acres. 702.715.6121. email.

Native American Casino Sales: James Acres. 541-760-7503. email.

V.P. of Marketing: Will Adamson. 702.510.4082 email.

Founder & CEO: John Acres. 541-231-2884. email.