Welcome to Acres. We exist to help you build the future of casino gambling. My own career spans 43 years in the gaming business. I founded Acres in 2009 because I recognized the systems you use today—the systems I designed—are simply inadequate for the 21st century casino. But new technology, alone, cannot deliver you the success you need. To achieve that, you need to offer a new casino experience; adapt mobile technologies and deliver enriching, personalized experiences to your customers. And you have to do all this with greater consistency and lower cost than ever before.

At the core of the experience you are selling, you must appeal to basic human instincts. Each of us wants to be special.  To contribute something of meaning to society—or at least our small corner of our society; to feel like "I am somebody".   We each want to be recognized for our contributions, to be respected by our peers. To be cared about. Our own Hero’s Journey.

What’s all this got to do with casinos?

For over 5 years now, we’ve been building a product we call Kai, which is taken from the Japanese term Kaizen, which means good change. The use of Kai at your property integrates with the Hero's Journey concept by delivering meaningful engagements based upon each customer's desires. 

Here at Acres, we have a team of talented minds that care deeply about your business. This includes all three of my sons, but our company is more than just family. You’ll meet a few of them if you read on.

I’ll close by telling you, very sincerely, I care about you. I care about your casino. I care about your customers. Together, we can accomplish great things.